Target Market Strategy

Successful management company cannot establish and just waiting for the customer to come to us. Instead, we must get better at focusing on the specific market segments whose needs match our offerings. Focusing on targeted segments is the key to our future. Therefore, we need to focus our marketing message and our services offerings. We need to develop our message, communicate it, and be super on it.

Identify the client desire and expectation for his company:
This item reflects the expected image for client image in field market and towards competitors in the same industry. This item includes competition standard and measurements. This phase requires a hard study for market and business industry to put client on the right track fast and effectively considering aggressive professional actions after the SOWT analysis and breakeven expected expense schedule. Select best solution to achieve the above item starting from creating logo up to running into business successfully.

Where creating the company image starts with its logo. The logo reflects the company identity, policies and business trend. Creating logo is NOT the simple task as imagined more than this it is a fine art. Company logo should be simple with no complicated lines, unified, colorful “maximum 3 colors” and eye catchy. Add to this selecting the best image through communication channels either related to marketing activities or to business itself.

Establishing Business Chart and Policy:
Business Chart includes internal tasks & posts and the flow system for internal communication procedures that saves time and effort and avoids over looping & duplicate actions.

Company policy reflects and clears the rules should be followed and system to be implemented including the staff manual which identifying the post with its academic and professional requirements.

This policy should organize and combines the business relations with staff character to smooth and ease daily actions achieving best performance economically.

Company policy should merge with the economic status to avoid unexpected obstacles and minimize its effect.