ECETA Strategy...

The availability of two systems: Onshore OR Offshore outsourcing. Offshore outsourcing requires much more management attention and cost than traditional onshore outsourcing. Time zones, language, and cultural differences require special techniques to ensure optimal performance of the offshore supplier.

Managing offshore requires a high degree of coordination and communication between the supplier and the client. Setting the appropriate processes to ensure the offshore contract is management effectively. On the other hand, Onshore outsourcing requires best utility of local sources to serve the client using high techniques and expertise for ultimate performance with less cost.

ECETA recommends the Onshore system as it highlights the surveying and monitoring to projects on-spot obstacles and immediate solving which saves effort and cost. Either projects property management from A2Z, OR individual casual services through membership. Prices are subject to project investment value and to required services.

This item includes several activities starting from creating awareness for client’s business up to PR and advertising. Marketing policy depends on the client’s industry to determine the proper policy either to be push or pull strategy or mix of both; short or long plans. Marketing activities now has been stretched with new ways such as sponsorship activities, interactive website, and quick dangling radio announcements and at last but not least the technology shoots “SMS’s and e-mails”.