ECETA Management Services...

At ECETA, we offer forward-thinking efficient solutions for all your business services, thus leading to maximum focus on your core business objectives. We understand that every one of our clients has unique needs and standards, therefore, we present a wide range of customizable services to meet various requirements.

Offered individually or integrated, our full range of services – technical services, cleaning, security services, advertising, marketing and accounting services, and much more - will help keep communities running at optimum efficiency day in and day out.

Our key services cover:

  • Technical Operations
    • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC).
    • Electrical systems services.
    • Plumbing services.
    • Building fabric maintenance.
  • Specialist Maintenance Services
    ECETA offers specialist maintenance services tailor-made to our clients’ requirements. Provided through a network of approved supply chain partners that are selected according to their particular areas of expertise. The services cover the following:
    • Fire alarm and fire protection systems.
    • Vertical transportation systems.
    • Access control systems.
    • CCTV.
    • Stand-by power generators and uninterrupted power suppliers (UPS).
    • Water treatment, water hygiene and water quality testing.
    • Building management systems (BMS).
    • Generators.
  • Consultancy & Enhancements
    • Evaluation of new assets considered for construction.
    • Property leasing strategy and administration.
    • Identification of need for the asset, in the light of community requirements.
    • Provision of the asset, including its ongoing maintenance and rehabilitation to suit continuing needs.
    • Disposal of the asset when the need no longer exists or it is no longer appropriate for it to be retained.
    • Operation of the asset.
    • Rent Collection.
    • Marketing Services.
    • Accounting Services.
    • Advertising.
    • Utility payment.
  • Preventive Operations:
    In addition to raising asset value, a proper maintenance of mechanical, electrical & plumbing systems is integral to the efficient and smooth functioning of any facility.
    At ECETA, we use the optimum combination of preventive and reactive maintenance to ensure maximum facility as well as equipment operability and reliability, thus minimizing life cycle costs and ensuring that your assets are maintained at peak value around the clock.
    Our preventive measures include performing scheduled maintenance checks like functional testing, lubrication and cleaning, while our reactive measures include fixing faulty equipment and a 24-hour on-call service.