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Welcome to ECETA...

ECETA is a Facility Management Company in Egypt that was established to create a facility management system tracking the following information concerns each piece of assets/ equipment purchased by grantees and/or sub grantees with grant funds:
Description of property to choose the best property management system for it, serial number of other identification related to property management in Egypt, funding source, title holder, acquisition date, acquisition cost and percentage of fund, location, use, property condition and any disposition information related to real estate fieldinEgypt.

Together will make a difference

ECETA is committed to provide facility management services for clients starting from consultant up to providing services such as security, maintenance and renovations.

ECETA Management Services...

- Evaluation of new assets considered for construction
- Property leasing strategy and administration
- Identification of need for the asset, in the light of community requirements
- Provision of the asset, including its ongoing maintenance and rehabilitation to suit continuing needs.
- Inspection and repairs. 
- Operation of the asset.
- Rent Collection. 

Latest News

2009 Brilliance:
With the increasing number of new business types we are constantly spread integrated facility management service in several fields such as retail, residential, banks, offices. It is new to cultivate this prospect into new residential buildings communities “condominiums” and apply integrated facility management.
ECETA won the 2009 Innovation Award.
This award based on business technique for both company and individuals “staff members” by the HCCA –Human Capital Capability Academy- and Rowan Gibson (global strategist).   ECETA joint the award procedures by only a success story. This award is crowning ECETA effort to be the lead in facility management field.
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